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Everyone loves spending time outdoors, especially when there is the option to sit around a fire. The communal acts of gathering friends and family, sitting around the fire to chat, toast marshmallows and more have been a staple activity around the world for many years. With a little help from M.I.A Metal Products, you can turn your own outdoor areas into a space that allows this to happen all of the time!

Our family-owned business began by wanting to increase the enjoyment of our camping trips and has since moved from a hobby to a full business due primarily to the high quality and ease of our products.

M.I.A Metal Products Flat Pack Fire Pits

We deliver flat pack fire pits from our modest workshop in North Brisbane all over Australia. Our products are not only high quality but also very affordable and accessible to all.

Our flat pack fire pits use Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel along with the latest laser technology that sets them apart from other firepits on the market. Available in black, raw steel all parts are prepared with precision laser cut metal, giving us the ability to create custom designs as well as our stock layout.

Harley-Davidson Large Fire Pit

The benefits of our flat pack fire pits include:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Transportable
  • Customisable design
  • Sizes suited to a range of spaces and applications
  • Increase the enjoyment of your outdoor entertaining area
  • Perfect for a romantic night for two
  • Useful for cooking
  • An amazing source of warmth
Our expert team not only builds our flat pack fire pits but are on-hand to help you find a size and design style that will best suit your needs and area. We can also help with setup, care and maintenance, and how to get the most out of your fire pit experience. Just drop us a line – as Australia’s fire pit experts, we’re always here to help!

The flat pack fire pit options available to you

Small Flat Pack Fire Pits

This compact flat pack fire pit option is great for those who do not have a lot of outdoor room at home or want a fire pit that can accompany them on-the-go. Laser-cut from Australian Bluescope steel, our small fire pits suit all situations. A BBQ grill is included so you can use this handy pit for cooking on your trips away.

The Little Camper
Queensland Cowboys Flat Pack Fire Pit

Large Square Flat Pack Fire Pits

Made from Bluescope 4mm steel which is much thicker than other options on the market, our larger size fire pits are built to last and perfect for those looking to set-up an outdoor entertainment area. The assembled size of the large fire pit is approx 520mm square x 500mm high. The flat size is approx 520mm square x 25mm high. BBQ grill is an extra option providing function as well as entertainment and comfort. 

VW Beetle

Vehicle Design Fire Pits

For something a bit different, our vehicle design fire pits are a standard size of 600mm wide x 570mm long available in variable heights. This model includes a BBQ grill and weighs a total of 25kgs. Perfect for car lovers and those who want to bring a bit more attitude into their space.

Custom designs

With over 80 stock designs to pick from our laser-cut technology also gives us the ability to build to custom specs if you would like a unique piece. Simply contact our expert team, and we’ll create the fire pit of your dreams. If you have rough ideas, bring them to us and we will work with you to refine and execute a realistic result that you will love.

Why should you consider getting a fire pit?

Fire pits become the focal point at outdoor gatherings, and everyone loves to congregate around them for hours on end. There is something hypnotic and relaxing about the flames, and they also make your outdoor space a much more pleasant place to be when the temperature drops!

Light up the night with an M.I.A Metal Products fire pit in a far corner of your yard or smack bang in the middle as a centrepiece. You can do away with electricity and thanks to our various size options; these pits are great for spaces, both large and small. Even a compact urban patio can have a fire pit! 

Fire pits are great for use all year-round, making your backyard into a much more versatile part of your home. Create a cozy atmosphere, with one of our flat pack fire pits. As they are available at all price points, everyone can increase their level of enjoyment for the great outdoors!

Custom Options

Completely customisable options

The best part about the service provided by M.I.A Metal Products is our ability to completely customise a solution to suit you. This means size, shape and style can be within your control, perfect if you are working with a smaller space or particular aesthetic. Chat to our team about what you would like and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that any flat pack fire pit that comes out of our studio will be of the same, high-level of quality that has brought us from our own backyard into backyards all around the country.


Order an M.I.A Metal Products Fire Pit today

There is a reason why our metal fire pits are in such high demand. We do not compromise on quality and ensure that you will have your M.I.A Metal products flat pack fire pit for many years to come.

Access the joy of gathering around the fire whenever you like, at home or on camping trips where you can utilise the included grill plate to prepare dinner while staying warm. Nothing beats a fire, and nothing beats M.I.A Metal Products flat pack fire pits. Order yours today!

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BlueScope Steel
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