Camping Fire Pit


Camping trips and sitting around the fire go hand-in-hand. At M.I.A Metal Products, we have the perfect camping fire pit accessory for those who love spending time outdoors. Every camping experience is made better with our portable camping fire pits, Brisbane campers love.

Perfect as portable entertainment in any outdoor area, our range of fire pit options are all handmade by our talented builders from our family-owned business. All products ship as a flat pack anywhere in Australia and can add an optional BBQ grill plate so you can cook as well!

The best camping fire pits in Australia

We ensure the highest quality for every fire pit we build, so you have a piece that will go the distance and last for many camping trips to come. Easy to build and take on the road, our products are very affordable.

All fire pits are built from Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel and cut with laser technology from black, raw steel. The BBQ grill plate is built to match, so whether you are after warmth, entertainment, or a spot to cook, we have you covered. 

Camping Fire pit

What is a camping trip without a fire pit?

A fire is like the television of the outdoors. You’ve found your spot, set-up your tent, done some exploring, but it’s getting dark and it’s time to relax. Our compact flat pack camping fire pits will be the focus of your trip at night via a safe and containable fire perfect for warmth, relaxation and cooking. 

As our camping fire pits are laser-cut from Australian Bluescope steel, they are durable and easy to pack on any trip. The BBQ grill makes the fire pit a handy two-in-one, saving the need to also bring a portable stove, while also offering the following benefits:

  • Easy and safe to set-up a fire in any location
  • A source of warmth on a cold night 
  • A handy way to cook
  • The perfect spot to sit around with your friends

Add an M.I.A Metal Products camping fire pit to your next trip

All of our products come with a guaranteed high level of quality, which is why our business has grown and shipped fire pits to homes all over Australia. All M.I.A Metal products come in a flat pack with easy-to-build instructions.

Whether you want an extra outdoor entertainment option at home or are looking for a great way to level up all of your camping trips, our fire pits are the solution. View our ranges of stock options or speak to the M.I.A Metal Products team about a custom design to suit your exact needs today.

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