Custom Fire Pit


Increase the aesthetic and enjoyment of your outdoor area with a custom fire pit from M.I.A Metals Products. From something portable for your camping trips to a larger, more permanent addition to your outdoor space, our products are quality built to your exact specifications to ensure the perfect fit.

M.I.A Metal Products Custom Fire Pits

Simply speak to our expert team about the design ideas or specifications you have in mind. After this, we’ll build your custom fire pit and deliver it to you anywhere in Australia via a flat that is easy to set-up and install.

All of our custom fire pits use Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel and are cut with the latest laser technology to ensure your design ideas and needs are met. Prepared with precision laser cut metal, your custom fire pit will be:

No matter the size or design style you have in mind, Australia’s fire pit experts at M.I.A Metals can deliver.

Let’s make your idea a reality

While we do have over 80 stock designs at M.I.A Metals, we also have the capability to use our laser-cut technology to perfectly build to custom specs. This allows you the ability to gain a unique piece and the fire pit of your dreams. 

Bring us your rough ideas, and we will refine and execute a realistic outcome you’ll adore. As the fire pits can become the focal point at your outdoor gatherings, you’ll want a piece that works as a stunning visual feature in its own right, while also working in with the visual aesthetic of your home. This is where the benefits of custom design come into play, as the only limits are your imagination.

Order an M.I.A Metal Products Custom Fire Pit today

The best part about tailoring a solution to suit you is the fact that there will be no dip in quality thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. All sizes, shapes and styles are within your control with the high-level of quality that we expect from an M.I.A. Metal Products fire pit.

Our metal fire pits are in such high demand purely due to the fact that we do not compromise on quality. Our specialist team will ensure you will get many years of use from your M.I.A Metal products custom flat pack fire pit. The joy of gathering around the fire whenever you like can be yours while also impressing your friends and family with a piece solely designed for you. The prestigious benefits of custom-made products are easy with M.I.A Metal Products. Contact us today about your new custom piece.

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