Fire Pit BBQ


Entertaining and dining outdoors is an enjoyable experience, and with a little help from M.I.A Metal Products, you can give it a unique twist! Our fire pit BBQs are a fun way to cook up a storm while also providing warmth and something to sit around in the backyard or on camping trips.

Our fire pits are customisable and portable so you can pick your design and ensure that you are ordering the right fire pit to suit you.

Make your outdoor cooking experience a lot more enjoyable and stay warm in the process. Our fire pit BBQs create a fun atmosphere at your gathering and will last you for a significant amount of time thanks to our high-quality construction process and materials. You can trust the team that created the most popular fire pit options in Australia. Get cooking on your M.I.A Metal products fire pit today!

Why cook on an M.I.A Metal Products Fire Pit?

ll of our fire pits come complete with a BBQ grill plate which makes it much easier to roast some potatoes over the fire. We use precision cut Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel crafted in a raw black colour for all pits. Every item we make offers the following benefits:

Are you looking for that flame-roasted taste? There is no truer way to cook than over a fire, and our fire pit BBQs ensure a contained and safe way for you to do this just about anywhere!

The flat pack fire pit BBQ options available for delivery across Australia

All of our fire pits come with a optional BBQ grill that is designed to fit the specific size you order.

Small Flat Pack Fire Pits

Great for small spaces or on-the-go.

Large Square Flat Pack Fire Pits

Perfect for an outdoor entertainment area. Approx 520mm square x 500mm high.

Vehicle Design Fire Pits

Designed to look like an engine in a standard size of 600mm wide x 570mm long available in variable heights.

Harley Davidson

Custom designs

Over 80 stock designs and the ability to build to custom specs.

Cook your next meal over an M.I.A Metal Products Fire Pit BBQ

With the varied range of M.I.A Metal products flat pack fire pit BBQs, there is definitely one to suit your needs. Chat to our team to organise a custom design or order straight from our website, and your fire pit BBQ will be a flat pack delivered to your door with easy-to-assemble instructions.

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