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Everybody is drawn to the fire at outdoor events, and you can increase the enjoyment of your anytime and anywhere with M.I.A Metal Products. For the ultimate entertainment in your own outdoor area, or on camping trips, view our range of customisable fire pit that can be delivered all over Australia!

As a family-owned business which began making fire pits for themselves, the level of our quality design and construction led to increased demand, and now you can find our fire pits all over the country. The best thing is they are suitable for every area! From suburban courtyards to regional backyards, we have the right fire pit to suit you.

Stay warm, create a fun atmosphere at your gathering or while camping and enjoy the high-quality that have made us one of the most popular fire pit options in Australia. Order your M.I.A Metal products fire pit today!

Why consider an M.I.A Metal Products Fire Pit?

We use precision technological processes to build our Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel-laden fire pits. Crafted in black, raw steel all, the benefits of our flat pack fire pits include:

Speak to our knowledgeable team about how to get the most out of your fire pit experience. We make it possible for those who never thought their space was fire pit appropriate to enjoy one every day!

Our flat pack fire pit options available in Australia

Small Flat Pack Fire Pits

A compact option for small space or on-the-go inclusive of a BBQ grill.

The Little Camper
State of Origin Queensland Flat Pack Fire Pits

Large Square Flat Pack Fire Pits

Made for use in an outdoor entertainment area the large models come in approx 520mm square x 500mm high. The flat size is approx 520mm square x 25mm high complete with a optional BBQ grill.

VW Beetle
Custom car Fire Pit

Vehicle Design Fire Pits

Something a bit different, a standard size of 600mm wide x 570mm long available in variable heights with a BBQ grill, weighing a total of 25kgs.

Custom designs

We have over 80 stock designs and the ability to build to custom specs to build a fire pit you will love.

Order an M.I.A Metal Products Fire Pit to anywhere in Australia today

View the range of M.I.A Metal products flat pack fire pits today and chat to our team if you would like something a little more unique. You’ll receive the flat pack delivered to your door with easy-to-assemble set-up options and our team as backup support should you need it. The joy of gathering around the fire can be yours anywhere or anytime and don’t forget about the standard grill plate to offer a fun way to prepare dinner.

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