Metal Wall Art


As the industrial interior design trend grows more and more popular, plenty of people are adding metal wall art pieces and features to their homes. M.I.A. Metal products can customise and build high-quality metal wall art, designed to your specs and tastes with ease.

Have someone who is a huge motorcycle fan? Why not have the Harley Davidson logo as metal wall art hanging above their workshed? Looking for something more personal to mark a wedding, engagement or another special event? We can build to any tastes and requirements, just touch base with our team and let us know what you would like!

Metal Wall Art for the indoor and outdoor walls of your home

Our high-quality metal wall art is perfect for indoor and outdoor use as you can hang designs on fences, outdoor garden walls, living room walls, and more. Laser Cut from 3mm Stainless Steel or Bluescope Tur-Spec Plate, add an industrial element to the decorating theme of your home. We have the capabilities to cut with precision thanks to the highly-advanced laser-cut capabilities of our equipment to create metal wall art styles with fast delivery on top.

Our expert team goes above and beyond the building of our very popular build our flat pack fire pits to include metal designs that can help bring out your personality while making the walls of your home more of a feature.

Entirely customisable to suit any occasion

Whether you are giving someone a personalised gift, or requesting a design for a more professional use (e.g. signage for a workshop or business), all M.I.A Metal Products pieces are built to precision. We never sacrifice quality and will work hard to completely customise a solution to suit you. 

From size and shape to a range of styles, we’ll work with you to ensure you are happy with the aesthetic a metal wall art piece can bring to your home.

Speak to our team today about any ideas you may have. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that we will deliver a stunning finished piece of art with the high-level of quality that has built our family-owned business a strong reputation around Australia.

Take your walls to the next level with M.I.A Metal Products today

It is a focus of ours to never compromise on quality no matter what metal product we are crafting, from our in-demand fire pits to our stunning metal wall art. Your M.I.A Metal products art piece will exist forever with the right care. Speak to our team about bringing your ideas to life today and enjoy a unique and customised art piece that will impress everyone who pops round to visit. Let’s get to work on your metal wall art today!

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