Can I Have a Fire Pit in my Backyard Qld?

Posted May 24, 2021

They may call it the sunshine state, but when the temperature drops in Queensland it can get really chilly!

So, if you want to make the cooler months more enjoyable at home by gathering around a backyard fire, you might be wondering, can I have a fire pit in my backyard in Queensland?

It’s been a hot topic in the South East these past 12 months and the answer to the question depends on a few factors including, what council area you live in and how big your block is.

It’s also vital to comply with any fire bans in your region.

Keep reading as we take a look at laws in some of the state’s different regions.

Brisbane City Council Fire Pit Regulations

Fire pits and braziers are allowed in Brisbane’s residential areas, provided several rules are followed.

Those who wish to have backyard fire in Brisbane must:

  • Contain the fire in a fire pit or brazier (like a MIA Metal Products firepit!)
  • Keep the fire pit 2.5 metres away from any flammable or combustible materials
  • Completely extinguish it with water before leaving it (don’t let it stay burning overnight!)
  • Ensure a person 18-years-old or over is supervising it at all times
  • Use only approved materials to make the fire (The council’s website says clean, dry, properly seasoned wood, charcoal, ethanol or smokeless fuel such as gas)

The fire cannot be on a balcony, under a covering or roof, on the ground, in a used drum. It’s also important to ensure the smoke isn’t affecting any neighbouring properties.

Read all the Brisbane City Council guidelines for fire pits and braziers here.

Moreton Bay Council Fire Pit

In the Moreton Bay region, a fire is allowed on allotments larger than 3001 square metres if it is outdoors and in an enclosed fireplace which is constructed to prevent the fire or any burning material from escaping.

The fire also must not exceed 2 metres in height, 2 metres in width or 2 metres in length.

There are a range of requirements which must also be met, including:

  • A responsible person must be at the property until the fire is extinguished,
  • Only clean and dry non-toxic combustible materials is burned, and
  • Fires must be at least 6 metres away from every property boundary and building.

If your property allotment is under 3000 square metres, Moreton Bay Regional Council says fires are not permitted UNLESS the fire is contained in a barbeque or another cooking device. Did you know that our Little Camper and Bush Camper come standard with a BBQ plate and for all other MIA firepits, the BBQ plate is an optional extra.

Learn all about fires and requirements in the Moreton Bay region here.

Toowoomba Fire Pits

In Toowoomba, outdoor fire pits may be allowed if:

  • fires are kept to size restrictions of less than 2 metres by 2 metres,
  • The fire pit is constructed to prevent any fire or burning material from escaping
  • You don’t burn rubbish or waste in the pit

More information on local regulations can be found here.

Backyard Fire Pits Queensland: Why choose M.I.A Metal Products

If you’ve checked with your council regulations and you’re allowed a back yard fire pit, that’s great news!

You’ll love our flat pack fire pits for a number of reasons:

  • Can be custom designed
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used for cooking
  • Wonderful source of warmth and entertainment
  • Made from durable Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel

Can I Have a Fire Pit in my Backyard Qld?

Have you got questions about fire pits and your local area’s regulations?

The team at M.I.A Metal Products are experts, so get in touch with us today by sending us a message here.

MIA Metal Products is a locally owned Brisbane business which creates high-quality fire pits – including flat pack options – for Aussies who love the great outdoors.

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