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There is something truly mesmerising and calming when you sit around a fire. Be it as a solo activity, with family or a group of friends; everyone loves to wind down and keep warm outdoors around a fire. At M.I.A Metals Products, our goal is to help you do this in any space thanks to our range of outdoor fire pits.

We began as a family-owned business who made outdoor fire pits for ourselves and our friends to boost the fun had on camping trips. Even when making our own outdoor fire pits, we accepted no less than the highest quality construction and materials and as a result, demand for our products grew to create the business we are today.

M.I.A Metal Products Outdoor Fire Pits

It’s easy to set up an outdoor fire pit for your home with our varied range of options (inclusive of customisable designs). We deliver all fire pits via a flat pack from our workshop in North Brisbane with easy-to-setup instructions.

Every outdoor fire pit is made from Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel in black, raw steel laser cut to precision by some of the finest technology available. Our stock layouts account for outdoor spaces of all sizes, or we can work on a unique design tailored specifically to your needs . 

Portable fire pit

All of our outdoor fire pits are:

We have the right outdoor fire pit to suit you

Small Flat Pack Fire Pits

If you are looking for a compact option that is also portable, our small flat pack fire pit is a perfect choice. Set this model up in small apartment-style courtyards or pop it in the car to accompany you on-the-go for your next camping trip. All of our outdoor fire pits are laser-cut from Australian Bluescope steel with a BBQ grill made to size.

Portable fire pit
Outdoor Fire Pit

Large Square Flat Pack Fire Pits

If you want something a little bigger and more permanent, our large Bluescope 4mm steel outdoor fire pit is great for any bigger outdoor entertainment area. The assembled size of the large fire pit is approx 520mm square x 500mm high with a flat size of approx 520mm square x 25mm high, with an optional BBQ grill available. 

Custom Fire Pit

Vehicle Design Fire Pits

If you want something that looks more like a car than an outdoor fire pit to sit outdoors by your shed, our car collection, our vehicle design is your best bet. In a standard size of 600mm wide x 570mm long with variable heights, the BBQ grill is still included and easy to use despite the unique design. This model weighs a total of 25kgs. 

Custom designs

The technology and materials we use to build our outdoor fire pits provide the ability to build to custom specs. We can design for any style or size you like to offer you a truly unique piece. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll make sure they are executed to create the exact fire pit you like! 

Why is an outdoor fire pit a great addition to your space?

The addition of an outdoor fire pit adds a new focal point and activity for your gatherings and chill out time. You’ll lose hours sitting around the hypnotic and relaxing flames, while also extending the hours of use outdoors thanks to the warmth created by your fire pit!

An M.I.A Metal Products outdoor fire pit is an investment that will last you for many years providing the outdoor joy of a fire in even the smallest of compact urban patios. Perfect for use all year-round, a cozy atmosphere is easy to achieve with an outdoor fire pit. Order one of our flat pack fire pits today and increase the level of enjoyment in your outdoor spaces!

Speak to us about our customisable options

If you are liking the sound of an outdoor fire pit built to your specifications, get in touch with our expert team today. M.I.A Metal Products have all of the necessary tools and materials to ensure your completely customised fire pit is built to the highest of quality. The solution will suit your space perfectly without sacrificing any of the benefits of our standard fire pits. From size and shape to style your particular aesthetic will be considered for a result you will love.

Bring your fire pit ideas to our team or let us know what your outdoor setup is and we’ll find the best solution for you. We’ve been building a range of fire pits for many years and have the knowledge and expertise to find the right option for you. You’ll find our fire pits in backyards all around the country, let’s add you to the list!

Find the M.I.A Metal Products Outdoor Fire Pit for you today

It is very important to our team that we never compromise on quality, which means you’ll get the finest outdoor fire pit no matter what design style you opt for. Search the M.I.A Metal products flat pack fire pit standard options to see if one suits, or email us about a custom design.

Don’t forget, every outdoor fire pit comes with a grill plate so you can prepare dinner while also staying warm outside! The benefits will enhance your outdoor activity time for years to come, order an M.I.A Metal Products flat pack fire pit today!

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