Portable Fire Pit


It’s easy to sit around the fire in any location thanks to M.I.A Metal Products portable fire pits! If you love spending time outdoors and gathering your friends and family, make it better with an easy to transport fire pit today.

Our custom designs will enhance your outdoor events, and you can even run a BBQ thanks to the optional grill plate that comes with every model. Our flat pack fire pits are easy to assemble, transport and clean while being extremely durable so they will last for years!

We’re confident that once you experience our fire pits, you’ll never hold an outdoor event or trip without one again. Grab an M.I.A Metal Products flat pack portable fire pit for yourself and your family today!

Fire Pits on the go!

We ship our fire pits all over Australia from our workshop in Brisbane and use Australian Bluescope™ TRU-SPEC® steel to build a quality pit you’ll be able to use everywhere. Created with black, raw steel with a BBQ grill plate made to fit your model, you’ll have warmth and a spot to hang around at any outdoor event you like. 

An M.I.A Metal Products portable fire pit is:

Take an M.I.A Metal Products Fire Pit with you today

Every M.I.A Metal products flat pack fire pit is built to a high level of quality so you’ll be able to use it over and over for many years to come. Increase your entertainment options with the finest portable fire pit models in Australia. 

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